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Code of Ethics

We work to a strict code of ethics, which we wrote ourselves. We also work to the codes of various DJ associations (of which we are members). These codes ensure you know exactly what to expect from Dellsound, and are designed to show you exactly what to expect from our service.
This, coupled with our strong commitment to Health & Safety (see below) and our comprehensive insurance coverage of 10,000,000 aims to give you 100% confidence in our service.
  • We ensure 100% customer satisfaction
  • We never intentionally misinform clients 
  • We offer a written contract
  • We use only professional equipment
  • We obey all copyright laws
  • We are fully insured
  • We dress in a suit at formal functions
  • We are ready to perform by the specified start time
  • We act and speak in a proper and professional manner


Health & Safety

Health and Safety is a primary concern of any entertainer, whether mobile disco, live music or cabaret. You, the client, need to know that when you book an artiste, their electrical equipment has current P.A.T. certification and Public Liability Insurance (PLI).

Although PLI is not a legal requirement, it is common sense to have it - we all like to know that we are covered in the event of some form of accidental damage.

Portable Appliance Testing PAT is a legal requirement and anybody using equipment that requires electricity (over 50 Volts AC), must have their equipment tested annually under the HSE electricity at work act 1989.

Our company policy is not to use pyrotechnics or strobes.


Insurance & Professional Memberships

Dellsound, together with our partner the Alliance of Mobile & Party DJs, provide insurance cover to the value of 10,000,000. You can download our insurance certificate by clicking on the image below.


 Phone:  +44 (0) 208 877 2514   |    Mobile:  07949 573 751


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