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Are you planning an event?

Call us- we'll give all the advice we can!


VARIETY - The larger the guest list, the greater the variety of music to be played. Dellsound's extensive music library can keep any crowd happy.

SOUND - Dellsound will play background music at reduced volume during pre-dinner drinks and meals to allow your guests to chat comfortably. Music will, typically, be played louder during dancing.


How will the Disc Jockey dress?

We will always be smart casual, or black tie for formal functions, if requested at the time of booking.


Will I receive a written contract?

Yes. Every client who hires Dellsound to perform at their function will receive a written contract that details all the issues pertaining to the event. If a DJ does not give you a written contract, then you should keep looking.

A contract protects both parties. Always get a contract.


 Phone:  +44 (0) 208 877 2514   |    Mobile:  07949 573 751


PCDJ: Click below to download the ultimate mix of music & technology!