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We will endeavour to deliver an evening that reflects your musical preferences (styles and eras) and favourite artists/tracks. We will build your evening around your musical choice! On the otherhand, if you're not too fussy, we'll deliver a great evening based on popular classics - we respond to the audience and will make sure your night is a great success.

We maintain a legal CD library containing music from the twenties right through to the latest Top 40 hits. Our database is constantly updated, reflecting the current chart music and old classics. New & Old- we've got it all!

The Dellsound Mobile Discotheques CD music database is available for you to view, in a spreadsheet. Click below to view the database (listed alphabetically by Song Title and Artist).

If you'd like specific music to beincluded in the evening’s entertainment, please download this form and send it back to Dellsound, along with your booking form.

N.B. Please note-If sending a music request, please list in order of preference starting with the most important, and also include any songs or types of music which you would rather not have played.


Click here to view our CD library and browse the tracks at your leisure!

 Phone:  +44 (0) 208 877 2514   |    Mobile:  07949 573 751


PCDJ: Click below to download the ultimate mix of music & technology!