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Do You Want A FUN Party?

Everybody wants their party to be lots of fun. Dellsound  can assist in making sure your party is a success. Every aspect of your party needs to be carefully planned - but what exactly will your guests remember?

  • Will they remember the food?
  • Will they remember the flower arrangements?
  • Will they remember how the room was decorated?

Probably not.

What they WILL remember is how much FUN they had. Even if the food, flowers and room are not quite perfect, the right entertainment can make your party a huge success. On the other hand, you could spend thousands of pounds on the finest catering and flowers and have a party which ends up being a disaster because the wrong type of entertainment was hired.



The bride and groom should always be at the centre of the wedding day. A professional DJ can help make the happy couples dream come true by playing their requested music, and at the appropriate times. Dellsound is always happy to help by listening to your wedding music suggestions, which will help us create the right ambience.  Send us your special announcements and schedule of events a month or so in advance, and this can help us plan your wedding reception. On the day of the wedding, the sound system and effects lighting will be set up an hour or more before the agreed start time. Everything will look great and the music you requested will be playing when your guests arrive.  Your guests will be greeted with a smile!


Having the function flow as planned  |  Playing the music you have requested

Being the professional you expect |  Making sure everyone has fun!


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